With a steady increase of care for patients happening in the community rather than secondary care, it is now more important than ever for pharmacists to further their knowledge in specialist areas to be able to provide a higher level of care to their patients with one of the many postgraduate courses for pharmacists on offer. Pharmacists who obtain qualifications in specialist areas often reap the rewards of professional satisfaction and an increase in salary to reflect their experience and understanding from taking postgraduate courses for pharmacists.

Diploma MSc provides postgraduate courses for pharmacists who are looking to further their understanding in specialist fields and advance their career. Our part-time postgraduate courses for Pharmacists are delivered through our online e-learning portal, empowering you to study flexibly around your busy schedule.

The combination of having courses delivered by an expert faculty and utilising online e-learning technology has enabled us to deliver education to the highest standards whilst delivering affordable postgraduate courses for pharmacists, covering a range of specialist areas.