MSc in Clinical Psychiatry*

The MSc in Clinical Physchiatry/Mental Health provides a progression route for graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma.
This course is subject to validation

About the course

Mental health is becoming increasingly more challenging and multidisciplinary in practice, so it’s essential to be able to deal with complex situations you may face as a healthcare professional with confidence.

The MSc is a progression from the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry*, and on completion of the course you will receive a Masters in Clinical Psychiatry* from the University of South Wales.

You can study the MSc in Clinical Psychiatry* over 1 or 2 years.

To study over 1 year you will need to have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry* - either with Diploma MSc or another UK university having completed similar modules. We can discuss this with you as part of your application. You’ll then complete this MSc in year 2.

If you opt to study the 2 year MSc you will complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry* in year 1, and then the following in year 2.

You will learn in a similar way to how you learned on the Postgraduate Diploma; however, this module is run over 12 weeks.

To produce the professional project you will continue to study online; however, much of the work is self-directed.

You will have a dedicated tutor who you will be expected to interact with every week. You will select a specific project and submit a project summary/proposal of approximately 1,200 words.

Once your proposal has been approved you will complete the 10,800 word Professional Project, supervised by your tutor.

Meet the Course Director

Professor Tayyeb Tahir, BSc, MBBS, Diploma in Psychiatry, MD, FRCPsych
Current post: Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, University Hospital of Wales.

  • Professor Tahir has an extensive experience as a psychiatrist spanning over 25 years
  • Tayyeb has been involved in medical education, research and training throughout his career
  • His publication 'A randomized controlled trial of quetiapine versus placebo in the treatment of delirium' is the only published placebo controlled RCT for treatment of delirium in a general hospital setting
  • He has presented lectures and conducted workshops globally as a key opinion leader in psychiatry, in particular on topics of liaison psychiatry, delirium and leadership
  • Prof Tahir continues to supervise MSc projects
  • His research interests include delirium, medically unexplained symptoms and depression in general hospital
  • His recent publication on 'Liaison Psychiatry in Wales’ is evident of his interest in service development and quality improvement
  • Prof Tahir is also an examiner for the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Involvement with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Cardiff & Vale Health Board indicates his desire to make a difference in patient care. In his own words: “I am particularly passionate about teaching, sharing knowledge and upskilling practitioners. This ultimately means improving patient care which I think is most doctors' motivation for training in medicine."

Entry Requirements

1 Year MSc

You need to have completed the 120 credit Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry* to progress to the 1 year MSc. This can have been either with Diploma MSc or another UK university which covers relevant module content - we can discuss this with you during your application.

2 Year MSc

You should be working in a clinical setting, either in the UK or overseas, in a role such as a psychiatrist, general practitioner, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, psychologist, pharmacist or physiotherapist.

You will also need:

  • A science degree in a relevant subject
  • IELTS of at least 6 or proof of the equivalent

How much is the course?

Total Course Fees for UK/EU & International Students for March 2019: £3900

Fee payments may be made via the following options:

Date Option A Option B Option C
Deposit payable on acceptance* £180 £180 £180
1st March 2019 £3,720 £620
1st April 2019 £1,240 £620
1st May 2019 £620
1st June 2019 £1,240 £620
1st July 2019 £620
1st August 2019 £1,240 £620

Why should I do the course?

We’re with you every step of the way

You’ll have the support of a dedicated team who will help you with any challenges you may face - from help with navigating our online learning platform to advice on what you need to do to pass the course and meet deadlines.

The course is quality, as well as being consolidated and convenient

You’ll study entirely online for just 1 year so you can fast track your learning and, as our tutors are experts, you’ll be learning from the best.

*The course content, including the course title, is subject to validation. This means details may change but the content of this page will be reflected in the course once validated.

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