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Acute Medicine
Our online Acute medicine courses provides you with the education and skills you will need to handle medical emergencies. Find your course today.
Develop your knowledge in Preventative Cardiovascular with speciality online courses that cover diseases such as stroke, coronary heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.
Cosmetic Medicine
Our Cosmetic Medicine courses have been designed to promote and enhance working professionals' knowledge, underpinning practice in aesthetic medicine.
Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic mirroring the epidemic in obesity. Every healthcare professional will encounter patients with diabetes in their clinical practice, so it's vitally important to acquire improved knowledge of this rapidly evolving specialty.
Whilst the global spread of the virus has been swift, the response of science has also been swift and importantly, concerted. Test your knowledge with our online courses.
Our online dermatology courses focus on the common disorders in clinical practice and emphasises an evidence-based approach to the delivery of care.
Endocrinology constitutes a large proportion of primary care, be that polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid dysfunction or parathyroid disease. Our courses cover common endocrine disorders and break down the mystique surrounding this specialty.
Gastroenterological presentations are common to all healthcare professionals and the evidence base for this specialty has recently expanded rapidly. Our gastroenterology courses are clinically relevant and will upskill you in evidence-based practice.
Our online Nephrology courses cover topics around adult internal medicine and pediatric medicine
This course draws on real-life to give meaningful insights that equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle leadership positions.
General Medicine
Our online General Medicine courses consisting of a variety of topics that are designed to test your clinical knowledge and management skills as a Healthcare Professional.
Geriatric Medicine
Our online Geriatric Medicine courses provides you with the education and skills you will need to treat and care for elderly patients. Our courses will cover a variety topics such as Confusion, Dementia to Frailty, continence and much more. Find your course today.
Independent Prescribing
Online CPD course specifically designed for Independent Prescribers. You'll receive 17 hours of CPD on successful completion of all modules on this course.
FREE online exam revision resource consisting of 323 questions preparing you for the Medical Oncology Specialty Certificate Examination (SCE). Sponsored by Accord Healthcare.
Applied Clinical Psychology
Handle the psychological impact of your patients diagnosis and treatments with our online psychology courses. For Aspiring Psychologists and Healthcare Professionals.
Applied Health Economics
Become well equipped to maximise the value of your finite budgets with our online courses in health economics
Clinical Psychiatry
Our Clinical Psychiatry courses cover new classifications, treatments, and assessments, the integration of psychological and social sciences, how the field links to others, and how mental health laws affect healthcare professionals.
Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
Advance your kowledege in expedition and wilderness medicine and gain lifelong learning and advanced problem-solving skills by enroling onto our online coruses.
Infectious Diseases
Increasing global travel, continued emergence of new infectious diseases, antibiotic-resistant organisms and a growing population means that the role that infectious diseases specialists will have in the health of everyone in society is likely to increase.
Leadership in Healthcare
A robust and effective healthcare system requires knowledgeable, dynamic and capable leadership. In response to this, we have developed the Leadership in Healthcare course to educate and equip current healthcare professionals with the skills required to manage challenges within this multifaceted industry. Our courses are ideal for healthcareprofessionals who wish to gain vital skills in leadership and how to lead teams effectively.
Medical Education
As clinicians we're all involved in teaching. Increasingly health boards, hospitals and clinics require that the teacher has a formal qualification in medical education. Our courses in Medical Education provide a practical qualification in the subject.
Prepare for your Neurology Specalty Certificate Exam with our online exam revision database of over 360 multiple choice questions. Pass FRIST time!
Neurosurgery is a competitive and demanding speciality, requiring a broad knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology, in addition to critical appraisal and research skills. Neurosurgical trainees and specialist CNS nurses require specialist qualifications to progress their careers in neurosurgery.
Obesity and Weight Management
There is a global epidemic in obesity, so our courses in Obesity and Weight Management are a must for all healthcare professionals, enabling the individual to appreciate evidence-based approaches to obesity.
Occupational Health
This MSc in Occupational Health will be designed to provide healthcare professionals who wish to improve their knowledge, skills and experience in this area.
Pain Management
Disorders of pain and chronic pain are a significant burden on the patient but also on health economies. Our courses in Pain Management are designed for healthcare professionals with a thirst to improve their knowledge in this important specialty.
Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine
There have recently been huge reductions in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality due to strategies for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Our Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine courses upskill the individual and are approved by HEART UK.
Public Health
Our courses in Public Health will help healthcare professionals better understand the complex issues that surround public health and develop the problem solving and leadership skills necessary to tackle them.
Renal Medicine
Our Renal courses are clinically focused and includes the latest developments in renal medicine for front line healthcare professionals.
Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory disease is a common worldwide problem with commonly presenting co-morbidities associated with smoking, asthma and chest infections. Our courses are designed to expand your knowledge in this intriguing specialty.
Rheumatological disorders are a common cause of chronic disease, appropriate management of which improves patient care and also to healthcare economies. Our online courses are for the busy individual, with a highly clinically relevant syllabus.
Sexual and Reproductive Medicine
Disorders of sexual function and issues of fertility are a common presentation in primary care. Our online courses cover knowledge of sexual dysfunction, investigation of infertility and subfertility, as well as basic management strategies and referral.
Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Nutrition plays an essential role in exercise and sport as it is important for health, adaptations to physical activity and exercise, weight maintenance, and exercise performance - not just for elite and pro athletes, but for recreational exercisers too. Nutrition influences nearly every process in the body involved in energy production and recovery from exercise.
Sports and Exercise Medicine
The role of the healthcare professional in sports and exercise medicine is growing. Our courses are for the healthcare professional that wishes to upskill in exercise as a therapy, but also wishes to progress their specialist knowledge in sport.
Stroke Medicine
This MSc in Stroke Medicine will be designed to provide healthcare professionals who experience patients who have or who are suspected to have had a stroke as well as those recovering from and stroke and wish to improve their knowledge, skills and experience in this area.
This MSc in Urology will be designed to provide healthcare professionals who encounter patients presenting with urological conditions and wish to improve their knowledge, skills and experience in this area.
Women's Health
Our online Women's Health courses provide specialist knowledge which is no longer covered in undergraduate degree
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Develop specialist knowledge in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and help reduce the diagnosis time for suffering patients with our online courses
Cover topics from: Osteoporotic fragility fractures and reducing the risk of primary and secondary fractures
Palliative Medicine
Online Palliative Medicine CPD course consisting of 3 CPD modules testing your clinical knowledge. Receive a 1 hour CPD Certificate on successful completion of each individual module on this course.
Genomic Medicine and Healthcare
Genomic Medicine is one of the most important specialties of future medicine. Understanding of why medicines work in some people and not others, counselling relating to the genome and disease prediction will become an important facet of future care.

Our Topics

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