Diploma MSc offers flexible one year, online, part-time Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses awarded by the University of South Wales, UK.

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Our Courses
We currently offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in the following subjects:

Acute Medicine

Taught completely online, our courses have been developed with the express purpose of promoting and enhancing the professional knowledge underpinning practice in cosmetic medicine.

Diploma | MSc

Cosmetic Medicine

Taught completely online, our courses have been developed with the express purpose of promoting and enhancing the professional knowledge underpinning practice in cosmetic medicine.

Diploma | MSc


Our courses in Dermatology enable you to upskill in the diagnostic and management of dermatological disorders.

Diploma | MSc


Currently our most popular programme, with a team of over 40 expert course tutors providing high-quality learning designed to be relevant to all healthcare professionals.

Diploma | MSc


Graduates of these courses will be able to independently access and use information to critically assess, evaluate and disseminate the evidence base related to endocrine care.

Diploma | MSc


The Gastroenterology Course has been designed to help physicians interested in the field of Gastroenterology to further their knowledge and improve their clinical judgement.

Diploma | MSc

Genomics Medicine & Healthcare

Our course includes a unique module focusing on areas of genomic medicine that impact upon ethics, law, socio-cultural dimensions and health economics.


Health Economics

Our courses in Health Economics enable health care professionals to be well equipped to elicit the maximum value from finite budgets.

Diploma | MSc

Leadership in Healthcare

Our online Leadership in Healthcare courses are offered in conjunction with our partner, the University of South Wales, who have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning.

Diploma | MSc

Medical Education

Our courses in Medical Education satisfy the increasing demand for healthcare professionals to have formally recognised teaching qualifications.

Diploma | MSc

Obesity and Weight Management

Our PGDip/ MSc courses focus on the rapidly growing obesity pandemic, expanding healthcare professionals' knowledge and enabling effective patient treatment.

Diploma | MSc

Pain Management

These courses cover the wide range of conditions pertinent to pain management and meet the educational needs of both primary and secondary healthcare professionals.

Diploma | MSc

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine

Our PG Dip/ MSc programme is one-of-a-kind and has been developed to holistically address the approach to vascular disease.

Diploma | MSc

Respiratory Medicine

The content of these courses takes note of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance on Respiratory Medicine.

Diploma | MSc


Our Rheumatology courses are developed around the NICE Guidance on Rheumatology and the curriculum subjects of the Specialty Certificate Exam of the Royal College of Physicians.

Diploma | MSc

Sexual and Reproductive Medicine

Our Sexual Reproductive Medicine courses improve knowledge of a range of conditions that healthcare professionals are increasingly faced with.

Diploma | MSc

Sports & Exercise Medicine

These courses have been developed for healthcare professionals who are interested in a leadership role within Sports Medicine.

Diploma | MSc

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What do our previous graduates think?
92% agreed that the course met or exceeded their expectations

" I would recommend the students to do this course to support them in their medical work. "

Amaal Hamoudi - Senior Pharmacist (UAE)

" The wealth of knowledge from the tutors is vast - soak it up and the more you will achieve! "

Claire Foster - Nurse Practitioner (UK)

" I feel more confident when faced with management dilemmas in primary care diabetes. "

Pradeepkumar Mishra - General Practitioner (UK)

" I found the courses invaluable and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 years I spent studying to achieve the Postgraduate Diploma and MSc. "

Despina Andreanis - Specialist Physician (ZA)

" Diploma MSc's diploma in Diabetes has really changed my approach and understanding of Diabetes management. It has enabled me to treat patients effectively and efficiently. "

Mukhtar Ali - Physician (OM)

" The Diploma MSc course has been an excellent learning journey from the start and modules have been immediately applicable to my private Sports Therapy practice. "

Edward Pratt - Sports Therapist (UK)
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