Neurosurgery Online Courses

Neurosurgery is a competitive and demanding speciality, requiring a broad knowledge of anatomy, neurology and physiology, in addition to critical appraisal and research skills. Neurosurgical trainees and specialist CNS nurses require specialist qualifications to progress their careers in neurosurgery.

Our unique neurosurgery courses are specially developed for busy health professionals and are clinically focused. They are designed for healthcare professionals in the UK and overseas who want to specialise in Neurosurgery and develop both theoretical knowledge and research skills. Completing a neurosurgery online course will give you a better understanding of the role of neurosurgery within healthcare settings, allowing you to apply knowledge gained from our neurosurgeon course to your clinical practice.

The courses are suitable for doctors of all grades and nurses, in particular medical professionals and clinical nurses specialists wanting to specialise in neurosurgery. Healthcare professionals working within a relevant clinical setting, both UK and overseas, with a related healthcare science degree (including international qualifications) can apply for our neurosurgery online course.