Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Online Courses

With a dramatic increase in the demand for fertility services and IVF treatment in the hands of a specialist, there is an increasing need for knowledge in the treatment and management of fertility issues at primary care level.

This includes conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, which has a prevalence of 10% amongst females, as well as low testosterone and erectile dysfunction amongst men. Similarly, with 10% of couples presenting to primary care with issues relating to fertility, this is a common primary care problem. However, it is not covered adequately in traditional training and requires specific reproductive medicine training.

This has led to a demand for online fertility courses and online courses in reproductive medicine.

Our online courses in sexual and reproductive medicine have been developed for GPs, doctors, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other suitably qualified individuals with an interest in sexual and reproductive medicine. During our fertility courses, you will learn the reproductive system, infertility, assisted reproduction, and ethics.