Obesity and Weight Management Online Courses

Obesity is a growing epidemic worldwide. However, fewer than 1% of UK health professionals have received any specialised obesity training (Source: The College of Contemporary Health and Candesic). Our team of course authors and tutors are recognised experts and opinion leaders in their specialty areas. Our MSc/ PgDip in Obesity and Weight Management will focus on the rapidly growing pandemic, expand your knowledge and enable you to effectively treat patients. This fact, in conjunction with our affordable prices, promises a truly accessible course of the highest standard.

The Postgraduate Diploma and Masters course in Obesity and Weight Management have been developed in conjunction with The Faculty of Life Sciences and Education at the University of South Wales, who have an established reputation for the delivery of innovative learning in Postgraduate education for health professionals.

The Obesity and Weight Management courses are designed for health professionals who are interested in a leadership role within weight and obesity management including GP’s, doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, dieticians, psychologists and counsellors running clinics.

Both our Postgraduate Diploma and Masters course in Obesity & Weight Management can be completed online and are available 24/7, giving you the flexibility to learn at a time that suits your busy schedule.

Students may apply for the MSc in Obesity and Weight Management as a two year course, firstly completing the Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits), followed by the MSc (60 credits).

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Meet the Programme Leader

Prof Nadim Haboubi

Dr Simon Williams

Dr Williams is Principal Lecturer at the University of South Wales, where he teaches modules related to obesity and physical activity, epidemiology, and supervises dissertations on these topics. He also teaches research methods and evidence-based public health.

After obtaining a BA and MA in Exercise Science, he went on to complete a PhD in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease, with a primary interest in abdominal obesity and physical activity. His current research is focused on visceral adipose tissue in adults and children, weight loss interventions, and physical activity in children and the elderly.

He has been a member of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity for a number of years, and currently is Chair of the association.

Graduate Ratings
Our customers gave this product 5 out of 5 stars

5 Star Rating

A classroom feel

"This online course gives a classroom feel and is so interactive that I would like to do my Masters then hopefully my PhD online!"

5 Star Rating

Really worth the investment

"I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and how it affects my patients’ health and body weight. I chose the Diploma/MSc in Obesity and Weight Management at the University of South Wales because at the time I was travelling a great deal and it was entirely accessible online. I was thrilled to discover that I had chosen a stimulating, comprehensive and academically rigorous course. Although I was somewhat surprised at how much time was required for me to do it justice, it was really worth the investment: I have gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities of obesity and weight management, as well as greatly improved skills in critical appraisal, and much more. The online platform allowed for plenty of discussion and interaction with tutors and colleagues. Working together with colleagues from different parts of the world was a privilege and a reminder that overweight and obesity is a global issue affecting millions in our modern world. I can highly recommend the course and would encourage anyone who is considering doing it, to get started sooner rather than later."

5 Star Rating

Very intensive

"I fully enjoyed doing my PgDip and MSc in Obesity and Weight Management. Both degrees are very intensive."

5 Star Rating

The tutors are motivating and encouraging

"The modules were fun and collaborative. The tutors are motivating and encouraging."

5 Star Rating

I highly recommend this approach

"I was a little apprehensive initially about the distance learning aspect of the course but it was so structured and organised that I could fit it around my busy lifestyle. Milestones and deadlines were well spaced out and regular contact with both fellow students and tutors kept the momentum going. The Moodle was really easy to use and the support from the staff was second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot believe I am actually finished already! I would highly recommend this approach to other busy professionals looking to expand their knowledge and further their learning and careers."

Subject Courses

Obesity and Weight Management PgDip

Delivered over 1 year, the online part-time distance learning Postgraduate Diploma course is especially developed for busy health professionals. Formatted in 6 modules (120 credits), each of 6 weeks duration; the course is designed to be practical and clinically focused.

More Information

Obesity and Weight Management MSc

The MSc runs over 1 calendar year. Starting with an initial 10-week online module to develop skills in critical appraisal and knowledge of research methodologies, the students then complete the professional project module that consists of a 1,500 word proposal and 10,500 word professional project.

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Application Deadline | 21st February 2021 |