Gastroenterology Online Courses

The Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Online course in Gastroenterology has been designed to help physicians interested in the field of Gastroenterology to further their knowledge and improve their clinical judgement.

This theoretical course is designed to facilitate a better understanding of common gastroenterology disorders typically found in the community and will enable students to up-skill in diagnostic and management of gastroenterological disorders. Students will be better equipped to read and interpret endoscopy reports, an increasingly important element of practice. This is not a course that will assess or develop endoscopic procedures, as this is not the focus, nor would it be possible to achieve without residential training and supervision. This course is therefore designed to improve knowledge, which is an essential complement to Postgraduate career progression.

With increasing competition for employment and increasing specialisation in the healthcare arena, the purpose of the course is to promote and enhance professional skills and knowledge amongst students that have a direct relevance and application to the demands of their working roles.

Our online Gastroenterology courses are offered in conjunction with our partner, the University of South Wales, who have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning. Students may apply for the MSc in Gastroenterology as a two-year course, firstly completing the Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits), followed by the MSc (60 credits).

Is this course for me?

Applicants taking our courses in gastroenterology will typically be GPs, doctors, nurses, physicians and pharmacists. For healthcare professionals who successfully complete a qualification, career progression would likely be facilitated, as well as the direct opportunity to improve patient care.

What will I learn?

You will cover the following topics as part of the Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Oesophagus
  • Stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Small Bowel and Nutrition
  • Colon

You will also submit the following if you choose to progress onto the Master’s course:

  • Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal
  • Professional Project

Apply now for the Postgraduate Diploma.

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"Completing my Masters with Diploma MSc allowed me to undertake distance learning alongside working to give me the best chance of getting future work. I was able to start my dream full-time job as a lecturer just before finishing my second year."

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Subject Courses

Gastroenterology PgDip

Delivered over 1 year, the online part-time distance learning Postgraduate Diploma course is especially developed for busy health professionals. Formatted in 6 modules (120 credits), each of 6 weeks duration; the course is designed to be practical and clinically focused.

More Information

Gastroenterology MSc

The MSc runs over 1 calendar year. Starting with an initial 10-week online module to develop skills in critical appraisal and knowledge of research methodologies, the students then begin the professional project module that consists of a 1,500 word proposal and 10,500 word professional project.

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