Women's Health Courses

Most women’s health problems present in primary or community care, and yet training in Women’s Health offered at undergraduate level is being constantly reduced to allow other topics to be covered. Many aspects of women’s health are now considered specialist and no longer covered in undergraduate degrees, making confident and evidence based management in primary care difficult without additional training.

Our unique women's health online course is specially developed for busy health professionals and is practical and clinically focused. It will give you a better understanding of women's health, allowing you to apply your knowledge of women's health to your clinical practice.

The women's health courses are 100% online, and are suitable for doctors of all grades and nurses, in particular medical professionals and clinical nurses specialists wanting to specialise in women's health. Healthcare professionals working within a relevant clinical setting, both UK and overseas, with a related healthcare science degree (including international qualifications) are eligible to apply for our women's health courses.