Women's Health Online Courses

Most women’s health problems present in primary or community care, and yet training in Women’s Health offered at undergraduate level is being constantly reduced to allow other topics to be covered. Many aspects of women’s health are now considered specialist and no longer covered in undergraduate degrees, making confident and evidence based management in primary care difficult without additional training.

Whilst the need for global improvements in emergency obstetrics, and prevention of HIV/AIDS are well known, other less well known issues around women’s health also comprise a huge burden of global disease and a significant cause of deaths, morbidity, poor quality of life and poverty. These problems are often preventable, with low-cost, evidence based solutions available, and their non availability could also be seen as a human right’s issue.

Is an online MSc in Women's Health for me?

This unique online women's health course is specially developed for busy health professionals and is practical and clinically focused. It will give you a better understanding of women's health, allowing you to apply your knowledge of women's health to your clinical practice.

The course is suitable for doctors of all grades and nurses, in particular medical professionals and clinical nurses specialists wanting to specialise in women's health. Healthcare professionals working within a relevant clinical setting, both UK and overseas, with a related healthcare science degree (including international qualifications) are eligible to apply for the two-year MSc course.

Applicants without the above academic criteria but with relevant/suitable experience can apply. Applications will be judged on the individual specifics of background and qualifications including ability to work at postgraduate level (applicants may be asked to submit a piece of work for assessment to confirm that they are able to work comfortably at postgraduate level and demonstrate requisite applied clinical/professional knowledge).

What will I learn?

We currently offer the following topics as part of the Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Module 1 - Women’s health: an overview
  • Module 2 - Contraception, abortion and early pregnancy problems
  • Module 3 - Fetal medicine
  • Module 4 - Maternal medicine
  • Module 5 - Female cancer
  • Module 6 - Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), menopause and urogynaecology
  • Module 7 - Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal

The learning outcomes of the course are to:

  • Demonstrate a systematic knowledge and understanding of the evidence base underpinning women’s healthcare medicine.
  • Apply advanced knowledge of women’s healthcare to make appropriate clinical decisions in a range of unpredictable/complex situations.
  • Construct management strategies for the investigation and treatment of patients presenting with healthcare needs specific to women.
  • Extend the knowledge base of women’s health by exploring, appraising and making evidence-based recommendations in a specific area of women’s health.
  • Critically appraise and evaluate a variety of women’s healthcare information sources.
  • Demonstrate independent learning skills, self-direction, and reflection in tackling and solving complex problems related to women’s health.
  • Critically appraise and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of a range of research tools in addressing women’s health issues.
  • Demonstrate a variety of leadership and management skills in relation to women’s healthcare.
  • Select and deliver appropriate communication methods to different target audiences related to women’s healthcare.
  • Create, plan and conduct an in-depth project addressing a complex area of women’s healthcare.

Subject Courses

Women's Health MSc*

Year 1, comprising of 6 modules, each of 6 weeks duration, is designed to be practical and clinically focused. Year 2 begins with an initial 12-week module to develop your skills in critical appraisal and knowledge of research methodologies followed by a professional project module that consists of a 1,500 word proposal and 10,500 word professional project.

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