Women's Health Courses

Discover comprehensive women's health courses for nurses, doctors and other medical professionals seeking advanced training. Our diploma in women's health and msc women’s health programme provide evidence-based, clinically focused education. Explore flexible online learning, ideal for healthcare professionals balancing work and study commitments and elevate your clinical practice with our women's health training programmes.

Our online women's health courses empower healthcare professionals to navigate women's health issues effectively and address existing gaps in knowledge in this subject at primary care level. Gain expertise in topics such as reproductive and sexual health, cervical cancer and fetal and maternal medicine. Our flexible, 100% online format caters to the busy schedules of medical professionals at all levels.

Complete a postgraduate diploma in women’s health in just one year, and gain a master’s in women’s health online in just 2 years to propel your career and become an expert in this important field.