Online courses in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition and wilderness medicine is a new and rapidly evolving specialty. Increasingly, the remote areas of the world are being explored by organised travel, small groups and societies. Whether a charity event scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, a bike ride across North America or filming in Patagonia, there is increasingly a need for these expeditions to be accompanied by a healthcare professional. Using over a decade of experience in the delivery of online, award-winning, postgraduate courses, this course has been developed to help healthcare professionals acquire the requisite skills in this emerging specialty.

Is this course for me?

The Expedition and Wilderness Medicine course has been designed for any health professional who is interested in developing their credentials in the specialty. This course is not intended to cater to the elite medic who intends to single-handedly trek to the South Pole but is focused on developing the role of the healthcare professional interested in delivering clinical support to expeditions and travel to remote locations.

Our experienced faculty focus upon the practicalities of preparing for the expedition and also on the physiological and pathological impacts of expedition in remote and extreme locations.

What will I learn?

The curriculum is based on that developed by the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow. You will cover the following topics as part of the Postgraduate Diploma:

  • Preparation for Expeditions
  • Polar and Mountain Healthcare Considerations
  • Healthcare Application in Ocean, River and Water Settings
  • Healthcare in Desert and Tropical Environments
  • Treating Common Medical Problems on an Expedition and in the Wilderness
  • Applying Expedition Medicine to Natural Disaster and Relief Management

You will also complete the following if you choose to progress onto the Masters course:

  • Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal
  • Professional Project

What can I do with this course?

This course is valuable to all healthcare professionals wishing to progress their career in providing clinical support on expeditions and in remote locations. The course can complement clinical skills and be employed in situations such as:

  • Medics in remotes locations/communities
  • Activity expeditions caring for individuals with chronic disease such as Diabetes
  • Medical aid/relief/volunteer work in challenging climates and conditions
  • Pop-up hospital and triage
  • Adventure holidays
  • Event/film and wilderness TV

Postgraduate Diploma or MSc?

When choosing which course to apply for, your options depend on your circumstances and preferences:

Postgraduate Diploma

You will complete the Postgraduate Diploma in 1 year and receive your transcript from the university on completion of the course. You will then have the option to progress and complete the MSc course.


To be eligible for the 1 year MSc you need to have completed the Postgraduate Diploma, either with the University of South Wales or an alternative UK-based university. You need to have gained 120 Level 7 credits, met all of the learning outcomes of our course and also covered each of the topics covered during our course.

The 2 year MSc

You will complete the Postgraduate Diploma in year 1 and the MSc in year 2; this is a popular option as many student finance providers won’t offer support for funding for the Postgraduate Diploma alone.

Meet the Programme Leader

Dr Meinir Jones

Dr Meinir Jones MBBS
Current posts: Associate Medical Director Transformation & VBHC & Clinical Lead MIU Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli

Dr Jones has partaken in a number of expeditions, including a five-day training expedition in Northern Norway; a 30-day expedition across Greenland as team medic for amputee (world record as first amputee to cross Greenland); and a 12 day crossing of the Pyrenees on bike as team medic for a group of injured ex-servicemen, including amputees and PTSD sufferers. She has also published online with Adventure Medic and has presented at the Extreme Medicine Conference, London.

Subject Courses

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine PgDip

Delivered over 1 year the online part-time distance learning Postgraduate Diploma course is specially developed for busy health professionals. Formatted in 6 modules, each of 6 weeks duration, the course is designed to be practical and clinically focused.

More Information

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine MSc

The MSc runs over 1 calendar year. Starting with an initial 10 week online module to develop your skills in critical appraisal and knowledge of research methodologies, then you will complete the professional project module that consists of a 1,500 word proposal and 10,500 word professional project.

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