Develop your knowledge as a paramedic with our online part-time courses, that work around your busy schedule. With patient needs increasing and more people requiring medical attention, paramedics provide a vital service to the healthcare sector providing immediate response to emergency calls that can often be life-threatening which require a number of interventions. Such as resuscitating and stabilising patients, establishing and maintaining an airway in a stepwise approach, stopping severe hemorrhage and using high-tech equipment, such as a defibrillator, pulse oximeters, and end-tidal oxygen.

A Postgraduate Diploma or MSc can help you progress your career and improve your knowledge and experience in this field with a number of courses to develop your career. Diploma MSc provides part-time, online, and affordable courses that are delivered by educational experts in their field. Both Diploma and MSc courses are available online, 24/7 which enables you to advance your qualifications and career at a time that suits you and your busy schedule. "