MSc in Acute Medicine

The Acute Medicine masters course provides a progression route from the Postgraduate Diploma course in Acute Medicine. Course Code: QMSP074

Course Information

Diploma MSc is a collaborative partner of the University of South Wales. On successful completion of this course, you will receive a University of South Wales Masters Diploma in Acute Medicine.

The MSc in Acute Medicine runs over 1 calendar year. Starting with an initial 12-week online module to develop skills in critical appraisal and knowledge of research methodologies, students then choose either the professional project module which consists of a 1,500 word proposal and 10,500 word professional project.

On completion of the Acute Medicine MSc, you will be able to:

  • Apply conceptual and practical understanding of acute medicine to the care of patients presenting with acute medical conditions.
  • Critically appraise current developments and guidance in acute medical specialties and have an ability to implement evidence based care.
  • Critically apply an advanced knowledge of acute medicine to decision-making in unpredictable and/or complex situations.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the choice of research tools and/or other methods of enquiry to address research problems.
  • Critically evaluate current research in acute medicine.
  • Apply independent learning skills in the exploration of knowledge and enquiry to underpin practice.
  • Demonstrate reflection and creativity in addressing complex patient scenarios that involve many interacting factors in acute medicine.
  • Analyse, synthesise and evaluate a variety of sources of information that underpin practice.
  • Exercise initiative and personal responsibility in decision-making in complex and unpredictable acute scenarios.
  • Design and undertake research, development or strategic activities to inform the investigation and treatment of patients presenting to acute medicine.
  • Critically appraise current and potential practical acute medical treatments for use in a variety of population groups.
  • Initiate and lead complex processes and patient management plans within the context of the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Take responsibility for planning and developing courses of action that initiate or underpin substantial developments in acute medicine.
  • Critically apply research or other methodologies to address problematic clinical or organisational situations.

Course Structure

Teaching Methods

Module 1 - Research Methodologies and Critical Appraisal

MSc teaching methods for this module are similar to the PG Diploma course modules however it is run over 12 weeks.

Module 2 - Professional Project

To produce the professional project, students continue to use the online course; however much of the work is self-directed.

Students are expected in the first 8 weeks to interact with their tutor on a weekly basis. Students select a specific project and submit a project summary/proposal (approximately 1500 words).

Once the proposal has been approved, the professional project (10,500 words) itself is then completed through online guidance and supervision offered by the tutor. The student and tutor will interact regularly (weekly) on the dedicated students/tutor discussion area or through any other means of communication deemed appropriate by both parties (telephone/SKYPE/email). Note of any verbal communication with the tutor is recorded in the student's journal by the student.

Entry Requirements

Admission to the course is typically through the following qualifications:

  • First degree or equivalent (including international qualifications).
  • Relevant professional healthcare (e.g. doctor, nurse) qualifications.

Those without recognised qualifications will be considered on an individual basis and a wide range of prior experience may be taken into account. The RPL process is in line with the University of South Wales’ regulations and students seeking to access this mechanism will submit evidence to the Course Director at Learna Ltd. The portfolio will subsequently be examined in liaison with the Course Link at the Faculty of Life Science and Education.

Language requirements for overseas applications are in line with USW requirements for postgraduate study. IELTS of 6.5 is required.

Applications open for March 2019