Dr Kabad Rao

Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes
It made my brain cells work more!
Dr Kabad Rao

Graduated - Summer 2018

Having enjoyed his Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes so much, Dr Kabad Rao wasn’t going to miss out on his moment of glory – Graduation. Having travelled from India to attend the celebration at the University of South Wales, Dr Rao was thrilled to meet the Diploma MSc Support Team who have been helping him throughout the last 12 months to complete his course.

“It was an honour to finally meet the people who have helped me each step of the way to complete my postgraduate diploma," said Dr Rao, who has worked in diabetes clinical practice for a number of years. "The course was tough and there was lots of work but the feeling I had when I finished the final module made it all worthwhile."

Dr Rao is a firm believer in lifelong learning. His advice to anyone thinking of taking the course? “Take it! I’ve been working in clinical diabetes practice for a long time but as a doctor you never stop learning. The course has updated my knowledge and brought me up to date with the latest developments in research. And it made my brain cells work more!”