Postgraduate Certificate in Menopause Medicine

Estimated Intake - March 2024

Society today is more informed than ever before on the stages and management of menopause. Register your interest for this new programme to boost your authority, support your career progression and contribute to important research on this topic to encourage positive, open discussion of symptoms and care related to perimenopause, menopause and premature ovarian insufficiency. Securing a place on this Postgraduate Certificate in Menopause Medicine will also allow you to delve into the systemic symptoms associated with menopause, such as skin changes and hot flushes.

Studying this menopause course online will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of menopause, its diagnosis, hormone replacement therapies, long-term management, and related conditions. This current and concise six-month menopause course will include discussion of clinically rich case scenarios, with peers and experts, on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), along with comprehensive long-term management strategies, including lifestyle modifications, non-hormonal treatments, and complementary therapies. This specialised knowledge will equip you to provide valuable support and guidance to patients at all stages of menopause.

Register your interest today to receive further information and updates about this upcoming menopause course online. We will also inform you as soon as the programme is launched and applications are being accepted.

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