Mohamed Aly Elsherif

MSc in Endocrinology
The course is wonderful
Diploma MSc Student Mohamed Aly Elsherif Graduating Endocrinology

Graduated - Summer 2018

Dr Elsherif is a practising endocrinologist in Dubai and wanted to formalise his knowledge by becoming certified in his specialty.

At his Graduation Ceremony he explained why he chose Diploma MSc's MSc in Endocrinology:

"I was recommended the course by a friend who had completed it and when I researched online the course looked very valuable. The fact I could complete the MSc in Endocrinology in 1 year made the course even more attractive."

Having not studied online before, Dr Elsherif initially found virtual learning strange and challenging to adapt to, but with the help of the Student Support Team, he quickly realised how useful it can be:

"The Student Support Team played a key role in motivating me and showing me how learning online has some key benefits that make progressing your career alongside your job possible.”

Now Dr Elsherif in turn is more than happy to make the same recommendation as his friend:

"As a doctor you are always learning, expanding your knowledge and upgrading your education, and this course's content and online nature is wonderful. Being able to learn alongside work is ideal as you can fit it around work schedules and implement what you're learning in clinic."

Expand your knowledge and upgrade your education with an online course that fits around your work schedule.