Mazen Rasheed

PgDip and MSc in Respiratory Medicine
Fanastic, more than I imagined
Mazen Rasheed

Graduated - 2019

Dr Mazen Rasheed’s passion for saving lives and helping others motivated him to pursue a career in the healthcare industry - specifically one in respiratory medicine. It was this same passion that drove him to accomplish his MSc in Respiratory Medicine. Dr Rasheed credits the Learna | Diploma MSc team for assisting him through the last 2 years of this “beautiful journey”. He has enjoyed the learning process so much that he is currently continuing his studies with us and completing the Acute Medicine MSc.

Juggling work, family & studying

Throughout the pandemic, Dr Rasheed has been working tirelessly on the Covid frontline. During his studies, he also got married and recently became a father. These big life changes, alongside studying for his Respiratory Medicine MSc has been challenging at times: “Having time for family and social life, and through that entire busy schedule making time to study is challenging - time management is crucial.

Despite his situation, with the support of his wife, his family and our Student Services team, Dr Rasheed has adopted a positive outlook:“Studying while working at a hospital is good because it gives you the chance to give more medical care, and advice to the patients. Moreover, it enhances our clinical skills and empowers our clinical knowledge background. The crucial factor is time management.

Helpful beyond imagination

From application to graduation, Dr Rasheed was impressed with the professional and enjoyable experience offered by Learna and the University of South Wales team. He felt so at home with the programme and the team of tutors, believing that it was “fantastic, more than I imagined and it aided me a lot during my clinical rotation of respiratory medicine. I was surprised by the Student Support team who were highly dedicated to assisting all students.

A brighter future

Dr Rasheed is confident that his MSc in Respiratory Medicine will be the gateway to an elevated career path: “My clinical experience towards the best health practices for patients, analytical thinking and critical skills have been improved; and this course has given me more job opportunities.” He credits this to the “professional and enjoyable education process conducted by highly expert tutors and professors.”

Dr Rasheed’s message:

To keep learning is the key for success! Keep working on your KPI’s and success factors; use your resources wisely, educate yourself, learn something every day, time management, strategic planning, continue training training training, show commitment, and continue improving, all that will lead you to your goals!

Dr Rasheed’s advice to anyone considering studying with us is: “Take the chance and apply to study and day by day when you learn anything new it will evolve your experience in life. No matter what experience you take in which field, it will develop your life and help you get more opportunities - this is the most important thing and I really urge people to keep studying. To keep learning is the key for success!

If you’re keen to follow Dr Rasheed’s lead and take the steps to improve your clinical expertise, you can apply now to start your online learning journey with us.