Liana Grobbelaar

Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education
"It's a very unique online experience."
Liana Grobbelaar

Graduated - 2023

Meet Liana Grobbelaar, who studied our Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education. Liana recently graduated and kindly let us follow her entire day!

Liana was introduced to Learna | Diploma MSc 10 years ago when she was looking for the opportunity to learn more about Diabetes. More recently, Liana developed an interest in Medical Education and started looking to improve her knowledge in the area. Liana was pleased to discover that Learna | Diploma MSc offered exactly what she was looking for, and having studied with us previously, it was an obvious choice for her to pursue the programme.

Studying with Learna | Diploma MSc "opened up a new world" to Liana as a medical professional. Finding out more about how learning is structured was helpful in giving Liana a good foundation, while also helping to identify areas where Liana could grow as a medical educator.

Liana enjoyed the online nature of the programme because it was flexible and allowed her to log in at any time, which she says is especially convenient if you are someone who works better at particular times of the day. She also liked that you are able to engage with students from all over the world, gaining perspective from different countries. This was also apparent to Liana in the variation of healthcare professionals you study with - "You're learning with doctors, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists; whoever, and that gives you a different perspective from different professions."

Liana went on to say "If I was to describe Learna in one word, I would say 'excellence.'"