Joel Allotey

Msc in Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine
The course allows you to fully digest your new knowledge and put it into practice quickly
Joel Allotey

Graduated - 2018

When Joel started his Postgraduate Diploma in Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine, he was also in the final stages of completing his final medical exams. Naturally, he was concerned about how he would fit his studying around full-time work. The part-time nature of the course helped him to complete not just the Postgraduate Diploma but also the MSc: "As you study entirely online I was able to fit my studies around my other commitments. It definitely required good time management and a real commitment to study for a couple of hours each day, but being able to achieve a University of South Wales qualification from my home and office in Ghana made it a perfect way to progress my career without taking time off work."

An immediate impact

Joel didn't wait until he'd graduated to start making a difference in his role as a Senior House Officer at the Ministry of Health in Ghana. As soon as he started the course, he was able to hit the ground running: "Most postgraduate qualifications require you study full time, taking time away from your role, but the nature of the Diploma MSc courses mean you can start implementing what you're learning on the course into your daily clinical practice straight away. This not only allows you to fully digest your new knowledge and put it into practice quickly, but your patients and local community benefit immediately also."

From student to tutor

Since graduating, Joel was invited to undergo training to become a tutor with Diploma MSc, he enthusiastically agreed with the motivation that he wants to influence the healthcare professionals of the future. He's looking forward to sharing his knowledge: "Whilst I was studying, one of my tutors had also completed the course so she was able to relate to our experience and was therefore able to give excellent advice on meeting deadlines, engaging with other students and making the most of the course. I hope I can do this to share not only my medical experience, but also that of studying with Diploma MSc."

If you're keen to follow in the footsteps of Joel, and many of our other students-turned-tutors before him, start your Diploma MSc journey by applying for our next available intake today.

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