MSc in Clinical Nutrition

Estimated Intake - September 2024

Exploring the multifaceted landscape of clinical nutrition across diverse healthcare settings and disciplines underscores the compelling need for advanced education in this specialised field. The intricate web of applications ranges from its profound impact on immune systems, maternal and infant health, to its significant role in the prevention of non-communicable diseases, all of which collectively highlight the critical importance of pursuing higher education in clinical nutrition.

For healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in metabolic disorders, weight management, renal nutrition, cardiovascular nutrition, or diabetes, our newly introduced MSc in Clinical Nutrition presents a unique opportunity to elevate your practice to new heights. Our advanced programme empowers students to apply sophisticated clinical nutrition knowledge, enabling you to significantly enhance patient outcomes.

This clinical nutrition course will enable you to undertake thorough nutritional assessment and screening to identify and manage malnutrition or deficiencies, to develop personalised nutrition plans for patients with acute or chronic medical conditions, and to tailor interventions for patients undergoing surgeries or medical treatments.

In year 2, you will have the opportunity to undertake research in clinical nutrition in an area of your choosing in your professional project, where you will be supported by our tutors who are practicing experts in clinical nutrition.

By undertaking this clinical nutrition course, graduates will be well-prepared to address crucial elements of nutrition in relation to both the treatment management of critical illness and the broader role nutrition plays in overall wellbeing. Stay ahead of developments in this cutting-edge field by registering your interest now, and be the first to receive updates on when applications open for this online master's in clinical nutrition!

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