Invoicing Instructions

For payments to be made by Diploma MSc we must receive an invoice from you.

  1. Your invoice number (a unique identification number)
  2. A PO Number provided by Diploma MSc
  3. Your name, address & contact information
  4. Our company name and address (see below)
  5. Date of Invoice
  6. Amount(s) being charged
  7. Total amount
  8. VAT (Where you are VAT registered, you must add)

View HMRC rules

Please note that we are not liable for any additional local taxes due in respect of your invoice

Learna Ltd (trading as Diploma MSc)

Ty Bevan House, Cleeve Drive,
Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5GF,
Wales, United Kingdom

Tel: 029 2192 1312

Invoices are documents you send to ask for money that you’re owed. When commissioning a payment, we will issue a PO number, this number must be included within your invoice to receive payment.

Don't have an existing invoicing system?

  • For your convenience, we have attached a sample invoice template that you can use.
    Download Invoice Template

  • Alternatively you can use a free online invoicing service such as Invoicely, which offers a simple user interface for creating and tracking invoices.(instructions).