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Diploma MSc offers flexible one year, online, part-time Postgraduate Diploma and MSc courses in Diabetes, Endocrinology, Genomic Medicine and Healthcare, Obesity and Weight Management, Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine, Sports and Exercise Medicine, Rheumatology and Respiratory Medicine.
All courses are accredited by the University of South Wales, UK.

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Our Courses
We currently offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in the following subjects:

Diabetes  Coming Soon

Our 1 year, Diploma and MSc courses in Diabetes have been recognised by the International Diabetes Federation and is accessible online 24/7.

Diploma | MSc

Endocrinology  Coming Soon

The Diploma and MSc courses we provide, including our Endocrinology courses, are accessible 24/7, empowering you to study at a time that suits your busy schedule.

Diploma | MSc

Genomics Medicine & Healthcare  Coming Soon

Our new Postgraduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine and Healthcare commences September 2016. Please register your interest to stay informed.

Diploma | MSc

Obesity & Weight Management  Coming Soon

All Diploma and MSc courses, including the Obesity & Weight Management courses, are developed in conjunction with the University of South Wales.

Diploma | MSc

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine  Coming Soon

By utilising modern technology, our courses, including the Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine Diploma and MSc, are the least expensive of their kind.

Diploma | MSc

Respiratory Medicine  Coming Soon

The course is developed by taking note of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance on Respiratory Medicine.

Diploma | MSc

Rheumatology  Coming Soon

Having a specialist knowledge in Rheumatology is an increasingly important role and extra responsibility of medical personnel. We are delighted to offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in Rheumatology.

Diploma | MSc

Sports & Exercise Medicine  Coming Soon

All of our courses, including our 1 year Diploma and MSc courses in SEM, are delivered by an expert board with an international reputation.

Diploma | MSc

What do our previous graduates think?
81% rated their course experience as excellent or very good, with a further 12% stating it was good; 92% agreed that the course met or exceeded their expectations; 90% responded that clinical content of the programme was always or often relevant; 87% said that the levels of feedback, guidance and supervision offered by the course were excellent, very good, or good; 83% said that the interaction with other students was excellent, very good or good

" I would recommend the students to do this course to support them in their medical work. "

Amaal Hamoudi - Senior Pharmacist (UAE)

" The wealth of knowledge from the tutors is vast - soak it up and the more you will achieve! "

Claire Foster - Nurse Practitioner (UK)

" I feel more confident when faced with management dilemmas in primary care diabetes. "

Pradeepkumar Mishra - General Practitioner (UK)