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Our Courses
We currently offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in the following subjects:

Diabetes  Coming Soon

Our 1 year, Diploma and MSc courses in Diabetes have been recognised by the International Diabetes Federation and is accessible online 24/7.

Diploma | MSc

Endocrinology  Coming Soon

The Diploma and MSc courses we provide, including our Endocrinology courses, are accessible 24/7, empowering you to study at a time that suits your busy schedule.

Diploma | MSc

Genomics Medicine & Healthcare  Coming Soon

Our new Postgraduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine and Healthcare commences September 2016. Please register your interest to stay informed.

Diploma | MSc

Obesity & Weight Management  Coming Soon

All Diploma and MSc courses, including the Obesity & Weight Management courses, are developed in conjunction with the University of South Wales.

Diploma | MSc

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine  Coming Soon

By utilising modern technology, our courses, including the Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine Diploma and MSc, are the least expensive of their kind.

Diploma | MSc

Respiratory Medicine  Coming Soon

The course is developed by taking note of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance on Respiratory Medicine.

Diploma | MSc

Rheumatology  Coming Soon

Having a specialist knowledge in Rheumatology is an increasingly important role and extra responsibility of medical personnel. We are delighted to offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in Rheumatology.

Diploma | MSc

Sports & Exercise Medicine  Coming Soon

All of our courses, including our 1 year Diploma and MSc courses in SEM, are delivered by an expert board with an international reputation.

Diploma | MSc

What do our previous graduates think?
81% rated their course experience as excellent or very good, with a further 12% stating it was good; 92% agreed that the course met or exceeded their expectations; 90% responded that clinical content of the programme was always or often relevant; 87% said that the levels of feedback, guidance and supervision offered by the course were excellent, very good, or good; 83% said that the interaction with other students was excellent, very good or good

" I would recommend the students to do this course to support them in their medical work. "

Amaal Hamoudi - Senior Pharmacist (UAE)

" The wealth of knowledge from the tutors is vast - soak it up and the more you will achieve! "

Claire Foster - Nurse Practitioner (UK)

" I feel more confident when faced with management dilemmas in primary care diabetes. "

Pradeepkumar Mishra - General Practitioner (UK)