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Our Courses
We currently offer Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses in the following subjects:

Diabetes  Coming Soon

Currently our most popular programme, with a team of over 40 expert course tutors providing high-quality learning designed to be relevant to all healthcare professionals.

Diploma | MSc

Endocrinology  Coming Soon

Graduates of these courses will be able to independently access and use information to critically assess, evaluate and disseminate the evidence base related to endocrine care.

Diploma | MSc

Genomics Medicine & Healthcare  Coming Soon

Our course includes a unique module focusing on areas of genomic medicine that impact upon ethics, law, socio-cultural dimensions and health economics.


Applied Health Economics  Coming Soon

Our courses in Applied Health Economics enable health care professionals to be well equipped to elicit the maximum value from finite budgets.

Diploma | MSc

Obesity & Weight Management  Coming Soon

Our PGDip/ MSc courses focus on the rapidly growing obesity pandemic, expanding healthcare professionals' knowledge and enabling effective patient treatment.

Diploma | MSc

Pain Management  Coming Soon

These courses cover the wide range of conditions pertinent to pain management and meet the educational needs of both primary and secondary healthcare professionals.

Diploma | MSc

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine  Coming Soon

Our PG Dip/ MSc programme is one-of-a-kind and has been developed to holistically address the approach to vascular disease.

Diploma | MSc

Respiratory Medicine  Coming Soon

The content of these courses takes note of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance on Respiratory Medicine.

Diploma | MSc

Rheumatology  Coming Soon

These courses are developed around the NICE Guidance on rheumatology and the curriculum subjects of the Specialty Certificate Exam of the Royal College of Physicians.

Diploma | MSc

Sports & Exercise Medicine  Coming Soon

These courses have been developed for healthcare professionals who are interested in a leadership role within Sports Medicine.

Diploma | MSc

What do our previous graduates think?
81% rated their course experience as excellent or very good, with a further 12% stating it was good; 92% agreed that the course met or exceeded their expectations; 90% responded that clinical content of the programme was always or often relevant; 87% said that the levels of feedback, guidance and supervision offered by the course were excellent, very good, or good; 83% said that the interaction with other students was excellent, very good or good

" I would recommend the students to do this course to support them in their medical work. "

Amaal Hamoudi - Senior Pharmacist (UAE)

" The wealth of knowledge from the tutors is vast - soak it up and the more you will achieve! "

Claire Foster - Nurse Practitioner (UK)

" I feel more confident when faced with management dilemmas in primary care diabetes. "

Pradeepkumar Mishra - General Practitioner (UK)