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Here is a collection of comments made by former students about our courses

Little did I know that the diploma was going to be a significant stepping stone in my medical career

"Both the diploma and MSc were invaluable in terms of expanding my knowledge and management of diabetes, but also enhanced my critical thinking and writing skills."
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Dr Kevin Fernando

Diploma in Diabetes

When I enrolled into the course I had no idea about the opportunities it would provide me with

"Having my first paper published through this course helped me overcome my apprehensions of academic writing and made me more confident to pursue it further."
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Rutu Dave

Diploma in Diabetes

The diploma has awoken my middle aged brain and I have found that I am loving hoovering up new knowledge.

"There is a lot of work, but it is fascinating work – which I am finding really enjoyable – so much so I am thinking of continuing into an MSc."
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Dr Ian Watson

Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine

The PG Diploma team, right from the Course Director down to the backend support, were always available for assistance and any problems.

"I thank the entire team at PG Diploma in Endocrinology for a most enjoyable eleven months, and have no hesitation in recommending this course to any of my colleagues who wish to further their knowledge in this speciality."
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Dr Ranjit Unnikrishnan Ittianath

Diploma in Endocrinology

A very effective and stimulating way of learning!

"The Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management has been a great opportunity of knowledge recycling in an exciting and challenging area of the medical sciences!"
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Ana Cristina Diniz Silva

Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management

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